Do you know what a Physical Therapist does

My Approach

I come to you.  Your surroundings, animals, children, stairs, workspace, etc, and see how Physical Therapy can optimize your current life. If your life is too loud and busy, there are alternative meeting places as well; work, parks, neighbors’ homes, etc. 

Learn what is most important in my approach, thoughts on your healthcare provider, and your options

What Is Most Important In My Approach? 

Communication. I will always have a phone conversation with you prior to your initial evaluation.  It will not be a receptionist or an assistant. You will speak to me. I will hear your story and background. I will have you print and fill out the medical forms from this website, and I will review them upon our first meeting.  I will watch you walk and do some basic movements. I will then examine you, and explain what I am doing and why along the way.  Once I have an idea on what is going on with you, I will explain potential treatment options for today and for moving forward.  We will discuss options.  You are not locked into a treatment plan with me.  I will give you my best assessment on the frequency and plan of care that is right for you. I am available by text, phone, and email for any further questions, concerns, comments.  I will send you a brief note on our encounter so you do not need to remember what we discussed. I do not send notes to another health care provider unless requested; this note is just between us.

Do You Feel Like Your Healthcare Provider Hears You? 

Do you feel like you understand what is going on with your body, why things are happening, and what options you have?

Do the goals that you have for going to a PT the same goals I want to  help you accomplish in both the short and the long term? 

I listen. I ask questions that you may not think to bring up. If you are here for your knee, I will also look at your hip, your ankle, and your general movement patterns. You may not be sure as to why you have even minor changes in your body. I will examine and evaluate you globally, and medical screen you.  You will have choices. I will medically, emotionally, and physically guide you or be your resource if you need another provider or reference.  

You are unique. Each PT session is personalized to your needs. 

This is Your Body!

This is your time. Ask questions. Repeat yourself if need be.  Why are you doing this? What does this mean? Am I supposed to feel worse after PT? Ask. If you do not understand the answer, speak up. If we are not a match, that is ok. Maybe you need to see someone that takes insurance, or you want to use both an insurance based PT and use me. That is just fine.  There are a quadrillion brilliant physical therapists- I can help you find one.

You have options. 

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