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Nothing makes me happier than a client who had had a great experience…except maybe hearing about it! One of the main resources I receive clients is word-of-mouth referrals from patients, so if you had a good experience, please consider leaving me a review.


I have known Karen since September 7th, 2022. She has been treating my husband Peter, age 75 for Parkinson’s Syndrome. He is seen 2x/week.  Karen has been working on strengthening his core & legs as he can no longer walk on his own! My husband is getting stronger with transfers from w/c to car, and with walking. She also works with his upper body strength, preventing falling, and balance. We are very pleased!

– Erna age 38


I went to see Dr. Ceraso because my hip was hurting when I ran. She gave me multiple helpful exercises and helped me through my fear of dry needling. Since seeing her my hip feels so much better.

– Abby age 16


I sought Dr. Karen’s services for a couple different reasons. I had back surgery over ten years ago to remove a spinal cord tumor, which resulted in chronic low back pain and decreased sensation and motor control in my right leg. I thought my rehab journey had come to an end and I had made all progress possible, until I met Dr. Karen.

After just one session of dry needling with electrical stimulation, I began to feel muscles activating that had been dormant for nearly a decade. It is not an exaggeration to say Dr. Karen is a legitimate life changer. My quality of life has improved drastically after just a handful of appointments! Dr. Karen is as genuine and authentic as they come. She is an expert at her craft, a true professional, loves what she does, and truly cares for her patients! I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Mike age 30


I have been seeing Karen for the last year or so where she has been treating me to help with my tightness, aches, & pains. What I love most about Karen as a practitioner is she is determined to find the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Symptom relief is wonderful, but we all know, if the problem isn’t diagnosed, the symptoms will return. I have referred 8-10 friends and their story is the same. They all feel very taken care of by a professional that is super knowledgeable and is committed to finding the source of their ailment. Karen’s post visit instructions and exercises are very precise, which I really appreciate. These guidelines give me a solid plan so that I can do my best to stay healthy.

– Heidi age 48


I first met Karen in 2005 when our oldest children started pre-school together! Our paths crossed many times over the years at social and school events, but it wasn’t until I had hip reconstruction surgery in 2019 that I started seeing Karen on a professional level. I was having some trouble transitioning off crutches and regaining my natural walking gait, and a mutual friend reminded me of Karen’s expertise and the fact that she had the same surgery several years prior. I reached out, scheduled an appointment and the rest is history! Karen took my rehab to the next level; her expertise, knowledge, dedication, and caring personality are unlike any other Physical Therapist I have worked with in the past (and there have been A LOT!). Working with Karen I regained my gait, progressed at a quicker pace than with my previous Therapist, and returned to full activity and sport as I had hoped. Since my hip reconstruction rehab, Karen has been on speed dial for my entire family and has literally treated us from head to toe: my TMJ, my husband’s neck, my son’s shoulder, my daughter’s hip, my son’s hamstrings, my daughter’s knee, my son’s big toe! I am always impressed and amazed at Karen’s ability to quickly identify the problem, address it, and treat it…if it can be addressed in one visit, she does just that! I have referred Karen to many friends and parents and they all have been equally impressed. Karen is the best there is when it comes to a Physical Therapist for anyone of any age!

– Megan age 47

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