Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Again, this covers everything from payment and insurance to what to do in an emergency situation. If I have not answered your question below, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is your fee?

I charge $140/hour. I do not charge extra for an additional body part, or per service. I do not charge more per new evaluation. I do not charge for your phone consultation. I do not charge extra for the time we are not one on one. Payment is expected upon appointment day via check, cash or Venmo at karen3ceraso@gmail.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

That depends. I hope to see you within a few days of you contacting me.

What areas of Colorado do you travel to?

I travel to South Denver, Cherry Hills, Wellshire, Cherry Hills Vista, University Park, Observatory Park, Cherry Creek, Englewood, Washington Park, Platt Park, Southern Hills. If your region is not listed, just give me a call or text and ask!

What hours and days do you work?

On weekdays I will start treatments as early as 7 AM. The latest I will take an appointment is 6 or 6:30 PM, depending on how early I started that day. I keep weekends for emergencies only, and I do charge an additional $25 fee.

Why would I need you for an emergency?

I can screen you to see if you need immediate medical care. I will evaluate you to see if you may need emergent or non-emergent care.

What space do I need for you to come to my home?

I will need enough room for a portable table.

How often do I need to be seen?

That depends. Sometimes I can see you just once or twice and you are good to go. Other times, you and I are going to be buddies for a while. We will discuss the frequency and duration of your care.


Do you take insurance or Medicaid or Medicare?

I do not. I am a small, private pay-practice. I do not label you with an ICD10 code. This means insurance does not dictate your care (12 visits, etc.) or my treatment choices (strengthening or moist heat). I can look at your whole body, not just what insurance will pay for (shoulder pain or back pain). We will discuss the best interventions for you to get your needs met.

If you need a physical therapist that will take your insurance, I have tons of professional references that I will guide you to.

Where are you located?

Personally, I live by Denver University (go DU!). My business is wherever you are, meaning I can meet you at your house, your office, a park, really anywhere that works for you.

What if I need to cancel?

I ask you to please give me a minimum of 24-hour notice to cancel your appointment. If you cancel less than a 24-hour grace period, you will be billed for $50. With that said, if you are ill, please cancel — no fee.

Will you give me reminders for my PT appointment?

I do not unless you request me to do so. I will have your next appointment(s) in red at the bottom of the google document I send you after each session.

Will you see me for half-hour sessions?

My sessions are one hour long (technically 55 minutes so I can clean up). If you need additional time, I will book you for an hour and a half. Evaluations and follow-up care are one on one. If I feel like your evaluation will be longer than an hour, I will tell you during our phone intake.

If you are late or need to leave early, the session is still considered a one-hour fee. I have attempted ½ hour appointments in the past. Half-hour sessions are rushed for both me and the patient. A thorough PT session should have you leaving feeling like everything was explained to you and you really understood that information. You should feel prepared on what to do if you feel worse or feel better.

Where do you get your patients?

Friends. Neighbors. Families. Friends of friends. The community. Other Physical Therapists. Physicians.

I have been in Denver for over 20 years. I love knowing the healthcare community here from specialty PTs to specialty medical and non-medical professionals that may be helpful to you.

I know your spouse, your kids, and your in-laws. I know the new girlfriend, the grandchild, and your neighbors. I know your family dog.

My favorite part of being a therapist is the connection we all have.

What if I see you socially?

I see a lot of my patients socially. I started my little business by treating friends only. I will not bring up your painful hip, your headaches, your surgeries, or any other information that is personal and private. Anything you say to me in session is confidential. I will speak to another healthcare provider if needed. I will speak to your parents if appropriate. I will have a discussion with your spouse if you would like and clear me to do so.

Do I need to wear a mask?

As of now, yes. We will all be wearing masks in an indoor setting until further notice. I will continue following CDC and APTA guidelines.

Am I the physical therapist for you?

I am hoping so! I have a broad background. My goal is to see if I can help you to be your best self.

If I cannot make you feel or function better in a few visits, then I have no problem referring you to a specialist. For example, I am trained and do see patients that have vestibular concerns. I may be able to get you 100% better.  I may not. I will then send you to a PT specialist that does nothing but vestibular patients. 

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