Common Concerns


Below are some common concerns I’ve heard over the years that cover everything from fears to preference and everything in between. Please have a look at the below list and if you still have concerns I have not addressed feel free to reach out.

“I didn’t shave”

I am not doing a hair analysis! I do not care. Unless I plan to place Kinesio tape where you are a bit hairy, then I may have you shave a particular spot.


“I just came from the gym”

Well, good. That hopefully means you are all warmed up and ready to go. I’m glad you put in a sweat!

“I’m out of shape”

I hear this a ton. Did you ever think that you are not in your normal shape as you are injured and in pain? That is why I am here to help.

“My feet smell”

No biggie. I am not concerned!

“Don’t touch my fat”

Everyone has adipose tissue (fat tissue).

“I’m ticklish”

That is okay, most people are.

“I have a high pain tolerance”

That is until I touch the painful region! I am not trying to heighten your pain levels. I am attempting to help your pain.

“I do not have a high pain tolerance”

That is why you are here, and I hope I can help.

“I do not like to be touched”

Good to know. I will have you touch where it hurts, and we will proceed from there.

“I will not have time to do any of my home exercises”

Common. I do a great job with small and easy methods to make small changes in your routine.

“I hate exercising”

Exercise does not necessarily mean running a marathon or taking a HITT class.

“I already have an exercise routine and do not want more”

I will not add more to your existing program. I will help you optimize your movement patterns to heal and prevent injury.

“I’m scared to do ____”

This fill-in-the-blank can be with anything. My job is to assess what is going on with you. My job is to educate you on what you should avoid, and what you are safe to do.

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