balance training

Balance Training

Balance issues can be a result of anything from an inner ear imbalance, to limited coordination.

What Is Balance Training?

Balance issues can be due to muscle imbalance, lack of reaction time or coordination deficits, limited proprioceptive or kineso sence, somatosensory or vestibular system issues, or from your inner ear . Loss of balance can occur when rolling in bed, while sitting, transferring from your chair to another surface or getting up to stand. Loss of balance may also happen with walking, hiking, jogging, or performing agility. More often than not, there is a combination of areas that contribute to your balance issues.

Common questions:

What ages do I treat for balance?

All ages. Teens. Middle age. Older population.

Will I get dizzy when you evaluate me for balance issues?

Dizziness is possible. I will make sure you are safe with all balance testing.

Will I fall when you check my balance?

When challenging your balance, I am testing your abilities and limitations. I will provide a safe environment with safeguards in place to minimize your risk of falling. So no, my plan is not to allow you to fall.

Why would you perform balance activities with me?

I perform balance and coordination-type activities with almost every patient. We all have fallen or had near falls. The body needs to be trained to prepare for all types of situations including getting up too quickly, walking on ramps or different terrain, and agility during sports to name a few.

What common balance issues do you treat?

Usually when I slow a movement down for a patient or if you stand on one leg I can see some deficits at the hip, knee, or ankle. Sometimes just moving your head will expose some balance issues. It depends on what it is causing the balance problem. I tend to see a lot of hip, glute, and ankle weakness, poor reaction time, poor motor control, concussions, and pain contributing to balance issues. 

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” 

Daniel Smith

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