Adjustments & Alignments

A gentle alignment can be a simple mobilization to your large or small joints.

What Are Adjustments and Alignments?

Having your spine, pelvis, arms, legs, or ankles adjusted does not necessarily mean you are “popping” your bones back into place. Often, the smaller joints are slightly rotated or moved when a muscle and tendon are pulling in the wrong direction. A gentle alignment can be a simple mobilization to your large or small joints. I will not just “crack” you with a hard thrust. If you need an alignment or adjustment, I will explain some options.

I have additional training in Level One and Two spinal manipulation.

Common questions:

Will this technique hurt?

You should have a release of movement, hence, less pain.

What ages do I treat a manipulation?

Depending on your pathology and appropriateness of this intervention, I will perform an alignment on all ages.

How often do I need to be aligned?

I perform follow-up exercises that help maintain the proper alignment. Your homework may be anything from changing your ergonomic work space, how you sit or stand, or how to move differently.

What does an adjustment do to my systems?

Research states that an adjustment influences the biomechanical movement pattern of the spine but also directly impacts the central nervous system, stimulates dysfunctional tissues, alters the perception of cortical pain, somatosensory processing, improves motor control and functional performance– with proper exercise follow up.

“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.”

BKS Iyengar

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