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Muscle Energy Technique

This gentle hands-on approach allows your muscles to relax and realigns your body

What is Muscle Energy Technique?

Muscle Energy Technique (MET): Muscle Energy Technique is a manual skill that helps reset muscle balance.  This technique is useful when the cause of your pain and stiffness are muscular. MET can be applied safely to almost any area that has a limited or stiff range. The goal of MET is to help a muscle group relax and restore the mobility of a joint.

Common questions:

Who do you do a MET on?

I commonly use MET on patients that have a malalignment in their neck, trunk, low back or hips.

Does it hurt to have MET?

MET does not hurt.  Your body will be in a relaxed position

Can I perform this to myself?

Certain MET techniques may be used as part of your home program. 

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