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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy means different things to different people, but it always starts with an evaluation of what’s happening with the body.

What Is Physical Therapy?

A physical therapist is someone who evaluates, diagnoses and treats people (of all ages) who have injuries, medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to function or move properly in their daily lives. This means something different to everyone. Some people want to sit or stand without having pain. Others are training for their triathlon. Together we will develop a recovery plan designed for your specific needs. I will provide treatment that will improve movement and help manage your pain. I consider past and present injuries, fall prevention, and overall health improvement. With my specialized training, I am able to treat a variety of health conditions, acute and chronic injuries, medical conditions, and chronic pain.

Common questions:

I have had a bad experience with a therapist in the past, how are you different?

Sometimes physical therapists (PTs) have a reputation for ‘pain and tourture’. As a profession, we are known to find where the source of your pain or dysfunction is coming from. Hopefully, there is a connection for you to ultimately feel good about your movement, your activity level, and your overall tolerance to having physical therapy as part of your rehabilitation.

I have heard more commonly that negative experiences were of feeling rushed, not being heard, unable to get an appointment, or that there was a different therapist with each visit.

I am the only therapist. I will have a phone conversation with you prior to meeting with you. I spend an hour minimum with you per visit. I write your physical therapy encounter down for you afterward, so you do not need to remember everything we discussed.

What if I have a diagnosis that is rare?

I have had the opportunity to work in several hospital settings, both inpatient and outpatient.  There are several diagnoses that I have been exposed to and treated.  I will be honest with you. If I am unfamiliar with your particular diagnosis, we will discuss options.

What if I do not like to be touched?

It is common to be uncomfortable to be touched, especially to an area that is personal or painful. I will first watch you move and have you touch what is painful so I can see what that feels like to you.

What if I do not exercise and never want to exercise?

I try to make improvements in your movement patterns that will best benefit you.  I will not recommend you to do a hard core exercise class or run a marathon if that is not going to honor your needs.

“That which enhances performance, prevents injury.”

Larry Hamilton

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