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There are several ways to perform cupping. Learn more about my results-oriented approach to cupping.

What Is Cupping?

There are several different ways to perform cupping. You can cup over muscles, fascia, scar tissue, tendons, and swelling to help pull the tissue away from the body. Sometimes the cups may be left on your body for a few minutes or up to ten. There are options to either leave the cups on the body statically or, as I prefer, to dynamically cup the tissue. This is when the cups are slowly and gently grazing over your tissue of discomfort.

There is evidence that cupping can help with relaxation, resulting in improved pain control. Cupping can enhance your circulation, helping to remove toxins from the body. It may also assist in circulating excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesion tissue, revitalize connective tissue, increase blood flow to skin and muscles, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, reduce pain, control high blood pressure and modulate the immune system. Some researchers believe that the build-up of toxins is a contributor to feeling ill. Cupping is reported to have positive changes in the skin, improve pain, and reduce inflammation.

Common questions:

Will I bruise?

I attempt to suction gently to avoid bruising, but it is a risk.

Do you use the fire method?

I do not. I use different size cups that utilize a suction attachment. The suction is self-adjusted to one’s individual comfort level.

Can you do this on teens or older people?

Of course! I would need to see the skin integrity and can do a 1 cup trial to see if it is an intervention that benefits you.

When do you use cupping on patients?

Often upon request.

Common areas to be cupped:

  • Low back
  • IT band
  • Upper traps
  • Forearm
  • Calf region
  • Inner thighs

“The best thing with which you can treat sickness is cupping.”

Prophet Muhammad

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