Covid. This virus has affected everyone in some form. 

The focus was if you lived, were not on a ventilator or hospitalized, then you are lucky. I agree that you are lucky in many ways. Let us not dismiss the severity of lingering symptoms that are often ignored.

I have treated several post-covid patients.  I have seen a wide variety of complications including motor and sensory impairments.  Today I wanted to chat about the most common complaint post covid- brain fog.

What does brain fog even mean?  People describe brain fog as a delay in thoughts, word find loss, needing to stop walking to relay a concept, and feeling clumsy during their walk and talk with friends.  What can be done?  There are so many approaches to address all of these brain fog issues.  You do not need to be stuck with your head in the clouds. Just like anything else, your brain and body need to challenge and practice certain tasks to make improvements.

Every person is unique. Every physical therapy session is unique and specific for you. The sooner you have a comprehensive examination and evaluation, the sooner you can begin recovery.